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Positive Feedback Loop

In the late 70s early 80s we have learned that simpler technical models, in particular in track and field, allow for a higher physical output development and more consistent utilization of the desired physical supper performance that occur in competitions. Several people at the time were looking into simplification of the pole vault model and perhaps the most successful of them was Vitaly Petrov. He simplified it to a degree that there was a very little difference between performing on a flexible or a rigid pole. Developing this simplified concept with Sergey Bubka they have achieved remarkable results and moved understanding of the event to a new level.

But the most important discovery, as I understood it, was that this simplified method stimulated physical development. In the mid-80s I have been a part of conversation where Petrov said, to the best of my recollection:  “… everyone is asking about the technic, but the most remarkable discovery they have made is that the new simplified method, in combination with a specific physical training, amplifies physical growth”.

The positive feedback loop, as I call it, where more physical input produces direct improvement of the result is a powerful stimulator. This cannot be achieved in a complex technical model, but the model that is simple, with a few parts and timing requirements and is directed on the use of the physical input and not timing, rhythm, utilization of the pole or even efficiency.

The objective is to further develop physical output. The main difference of m640 model compare to conventional methods is the focus on enabling an athlete to generate maximum possible amount of energy in the off-the-ground phase by speeding up the rise of the body.

To simplify the outcome of this introduction, high performance in pole vault depends on ability to generate as much energy output as possible in two ways:

Developing maximum approach speed at the takeoff and raising the body, in a limited time, as fast as possible over the grip.

Now, that we simplified the pole vault to less than two lines of text, let’s learn how to grow and maximize athlete’s physical abilities relevant to pole vault; perform safely and with required consistency.

As you may have noticed, I did not mention actions or the type of the pole, but rather the actions of an athlete, because the pole actions and the type of the pole should not alter the basic elements required to be performed by an athlete.

Don’t be surprised by simplicity of this presentation the actual technology to make it happen, presented on this website, contains, revolutionary breakthroughs, instructions and videos on how to perform and to coach it in a simple and effective way at any level.

People have calculated as early as 1890s that it is possible, in theory, to fly to the moon, using a principle of a rocket. It took another 70+ years to develop the technology that utilizes this simple principle and actually fly to the moon, using a rocket. This website offers the technology to simplify and enhance performance in the pole vault.

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