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We need to start with defining the purpose of the plant. Once the purpose is defined, it is easy to evaluate and train the element.

Pole Plant actions transition the pole in a position, at the maximum run up speed, where an athlete can fully complete takeoff jump without experiencing pole resistance on the ground (“Free Jump”) and minimizing unnecessary energy losses.

In order to perfect any action, we first need to know when and where the action begins and ends. Once we know that, we can determine what should be the position in the beginning of the action and at the end.

Once you understand this and know when, where and correct positions, the rest would make total sense, the rest would be easy.

Here are a few points on pole plant:

  • The plant ends when the takeoff foot touches the ground and before the actual jump begins. This is the easiest moment and place to identify.end of plant position

  • The plant begins at the time just sufficient for the pole tip to drop into the box from the pole carry position during the run up. This time is variable* and depends mainly on the speed on the runway, the pole cary angle, the grip height and some other factors.
plant starting position
*If you ever considered why it is so much more difficult to transition to a longer (faster) approach and the bigger (longer) pole and why you have to run through so many times, the simple answer is mainly because it is difficult to plant the pole on time. The beginning of the plant is variable and faster speeds requires to plant the pole earlier and that means on a different step (or count) from further away on the runway.

Indeed, from identical pole cary position and length of the pole (grip), the pole tip, thanks to the constant gravity force, will descent into the box in the same period of time. However, if you run faster, you will cover greater distance on the runway during the constant time the pole tip takes to drop into the box and therefore you would have to begin the plant earlier.

The same goes for the length of the pole (grip). The longer the pole you use, the longer it takes for the pole tip to drop into the box and the sooner you have to begin the plant.

In the member area we have whole sections devoted to the plant, its purpose, positions and timing. We offer pictures and videos. We also connect the plant action with the rest of the event, the actions that precede and follow the plant.

And the most importantly, we offer simple training instructions, that you can follow, to significantly improve your understanding of the pole plant and it’s performance.

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