advanced pole vault


The main characteristic of the m640 is its natural simplicity. Once understood, it is very easy to teach to a beginner or to an advanced vaulter, male or female. Organic simplicity of the m640 allows to quickly achieving adequate technical perfection of the athlete and to shift of the training focus and resources to the real engine of the record performance – development of the athlete’s relevant physical abilities.

Once understood and sufficiently perfected, the biomechanically coherent and simple method allows for development of the positive feedback loop that organically amplifies the physical growth of the athlete. Achieving this positive feedback loop within this rational technical method is the key to the successful progression to high results.

The ideas put forward in the m640 model will benefit athletes of all levels, as my coaching practice demonstrates. So the advanced level pole vaulters and coaches should not be confused by seeming simplicity of m640, because it surely would clarify many misconceptions and misunderstandings held by athletes and coaches of all levels.

m640 would also be helpful for coaching high school athletes and in particular for coaches with a limited expertise in the event. m640 would allow for a fast, coherent development of young athletes. It is very easy to introduce to a novice.

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