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The pole vault may appear to be a complicated event, but is based on simple, straightforward concepts that are easy to understand and master. I have over three decades of experience in the event and have developed a working pole vault model based on personal competition experience and an analysis of the development of Russian pole vaulting tradition beginning with Vladimir Polyakov, Konstantin Volkov, Sergey Bubka and others in early 80s through mid-90s and American tradition beginning with mid-20th century  rigid pole vaulters Cornelius Warmerdam, Don Bragg and through early fiberglass vaulters Bob Seagren and beyond to Earl Bell and Billy Olson.

I have coached US Pole Vault Hall of Fame 2012 inductee Lawrence Johnson, winning six National Championships, Olympic silver medal in Sydney Olympics, World Championship Gold and Silver as well as setting current, 15-year old, indoor American Record in 2001.

From July 2011 through March 2013, I was coaching a young vaulter Angela Rummans, who has made a significant improvement, 40cm or nearly a foot and a half, in 10 months, to achieve her personal best of 4.40m in 2012, qualifying for US Olympic Trials. 

Starting in June 2013 through March 2017, I have coached Katie Nageotte (Ashland University, OH & coach Dennis Steele) with her remaining 2013 outdoor season where Katie has qualified, with setting her personal record of 4.45m, for 2013 Outdoor US Championship and winning 6th Place at her first US Championship appearance. In 2015 Katie won a Bronze Medal at the US Indoor Championship, made the US Team for NACAC, set her personal record of 4.63m in 2016, finish fifth at the 2016 Olympic Trials. In 2017 Katie finished second at the US Indoor Championship with 4.65m.

Website Purpose

This website’s purpose is to promote pole vault, introduce modern coaching methods to coaches and athletes of all levels, beginning from 12-15 years of age, through high school, college and beyond. The information and instructions on this site would be helpful to vaulters and coaches of all levels, including coaches with a limited personal experience and expertise in the event. I present the pole vault in a simple way that would allow coaches and athletes to understand the core concepts of the event and most importantly learn simple methods to master these concepts.

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You will benefit from simplifying and improving your understanding, learning pole vault concepts presented on this website that would help you to advance your personal record, win competitions and have fun. The monthly subscription will allow you to access relevant content, model description, training instructions, video instructions, reviews, member only events and member only camps when they are available. This is truly one of a kind website with information and modern concepts that you simply must know.

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