advanced pole vault

Model Elements

jump sequence

To have the correct understanding of the event, one needs to firmly understand that the height of the bar clearance depends on the amount of energy an athlete able to generate in the run as well as the work on the pole, period! All technical talk is irrelevant unless it relates to generating more energy or at the minimum preserving already generated energy.

Another important observation is that the second part of the event, off-the-ground phase is limited in time and possibility to generate energy during that phase is determined, in order of importance, by efficiency of use of the limited time and the athlete's gymnastic ability.

Technic at some point of perfection does not bring additional benefits to the result, so the growth potential, as we all would expect for 100m dash, long jump or 800m run, really depends on development of relevant physical abilities of an athlete. However, irrational technic can limit the physical development and the rational technic can stimulate it! 

So, the core of m640 model is first, to use the m640 model as a stimulator to establish "positive feedback loop" for development of relevant physical abilities of an athlete such as speed, jumping ability and gymnastic ability and second, minimize all unproductive, passive phases in the event to achieve continuous energy input by an athlete from the first step to the release of the pole.

If you think that this is trivial, widely accepted by everyone truth that more speed, better jump and better gymnastic ability will lead to higher results, I encourage you to observe that most current pole vaulting schools, abandoned, for example, long jump as a training tool and as a measure of physical progress of an athlete and utilize only rudimentary gymnastic training in the training process. It is not because of lack of the desire, but because the current pole vault methods they utilize, inhibit connection between physical development of these abilities and the main result and with the connection inhibited these tools get abandoned as only marginally effective. On this website, we describe how this inhibition occurs and how to break out of it.

It may sound to you like a high productivity, well ran factory, well you are right, because it is!

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