advanced pole vault

Takeoff Jump

In most other languages pole vault is called “jump with pole”, only in English (I am not sure about Chinese, Japanese, Hindu or Arabic) the event called “vault or leap upward and over with pole” or pole vault. So, the English name of the event does not readily reflect the takeoff jump necessary to accomplish it. So, in my writing I often refer to jump meaning both the takeoff jump as well as to the whole event, assuming that the jump is the central connecting element of the event.

So, there are a variety of questions floating about the takeoff jump in our event. Some of the questions are:

  • In what direction one should jump?
  • Does jump have to be completed before, after or at the moment when pole resistance occurs?
  • What follows the jump?
  • Does one have to jump at all or let pole "pick" one up?
  • When does the jump begin?
  • When does the jump end?
  • What is the desired position at the end of the jump?

And the questions go on and on. Despite apparent simplicity, most people, in my experience,  would not be able to clearly answer these questions, because the purpose and objectives of the jump are not clearly defined and connected to preceding and following the takeoff jump actions.

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